Here's a few useful tips on fitting C.V. Joints from the Experts.

  1. Always make sure the C.V. Joint is the correct one before fitting. Check spines in the hub and on the shaft as many C.V. Joints are very similar in appearance but are actually different. Once fitted to the shaft, the new C.V. Joint usually will not come off intact.
  2. Make sure clamping areas of the boot are free from grease and clamps are firm but not over-tight causing cutting of the boot. A loose clamp is as ineffective as a torn boot.
  3. Make sure the 'C' clip is free to move around the groove in the shaft and is larger than the spines in diameter to make an effective outer joint capture.
  4. Only use soft face hammers on C.V. Joint threads.
  5. Fill boot with approx 1/3 it's volume with grease after fitting outer joint to shaft.
  6. For vehicles fitted with ABS tone rings, make sure the tone ring is the same diameter, is in the same location and has the same number of gaps as the existing ring.
  7. When fitting new shafts always check the external dimensions of the old shaft and compare them with the replacement part. A compressed shaft comparison should also be done to check the length.

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