Not sure what that Click, Clunk or Vibration could be?

Here are 4 procedures to inspect, identify and remedy :

  1. Torn and Leaking Boot
  2. Outer C.V. Joint Problem
  3. Inner C.V Joint Problem
  4. Driveshaft Problem

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1. Grease Visible Under Front or Rear of Vehicle but no noises.

Diagnostic Procedure – Boot Examination

  • Visually inspect the condition of the inner & outer C.V. boots for signs of grease leaking from a tear in the rubber, or loose C.V. clamps.
  • Any Loss of lubrication from a torn or leaking C.V Boot will cause premature failure of the C.V. Joint it is attached to if left unattended, especially if contamination is present.
  • Perishing, Cracking or excessive grooving of the boot can also be an indication of impending boot failure.
  • As a rule, torn or failed boots make no noises.


  • If no noises are present and the joint is serviceable after inspection, then replace C.V. Boot immediately.
  • If noises are present then the C.V. Joint (which includes the boot) will need to be replaced.
2. Snapping or Clicking coming from wheel when cornering.

Diagnosic Procedure — Outer C.V. Joint Problem.

Test drive the vehicle on a smooth surface and verify the problem:

  • With the wheels turned, lightly accelerate and listen for snapping or clicking noise coming from the wheels.
  • If the noise occurs then it is usually an indication that the outer CV Joint is worn.


After inspection, replace faulty outer CV Joint.

3. Clunk or Vibration when accelerating or deaccelerating

Diagnostic Procedure — Inner CV Joint Problem

Test Drive vehicle on a smooth surface and verify the problem by:

  • Accelerate hard in a straight line and listen for clunking noises.
  • Accelerate and Deaccelarate in a straight line and feel for vibration or shudder coming through the body of the vehicle.
  • A vibration or shudder usually indicates a worn or sticking inner C.V. joint.


  • After inspection replace faulty inner C.V. Joint or driveshaft.
4. Clunk or Vibration when cornering or driving in a straight line.

Diagnostic Procedure — CV Joint Drive shaft problem

Test Drive vehicle on a smooth surface and verify the problem by:

  • Test vehicle for outer and inner C.V. faults as above and identify issues.


  • After inspection replace the faulty driveshaft.

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